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Confirmation System

Our automated confirmation system is easy, convenient & requires very little from you. There is even an option to save your reserved appointment on your own calender!

When you make an appointment with us, you will receive a “Save the Date” email or text message depending on your preference.

Then two weeks before your appointment you will receive a “Please confirm your appointment” email or text message, depending on your preference. You will have three options as follows:
1. Yes, I’ll be there. I don’t need another e-mail or phone call.
2. It’s on my calendar, but please remind me again a few days before the appointment.
3. I have a question or concern about this appointment – please contact me.

The automated system will proceed depending on which option you have chosen. If you do not reply at all, the system will continue to contact you until you have confirmed your appointment.

On the day of your appointment, you will then receive a “Reminder of your confirmed appointment” text message. You do not need to reply to this last reminder message as you are already confirmed and this is simply a reminder.

If you do not have email or text messaging, you will receive a postcard and an automated call asking you to confirm your reserved time.

Please note that all appointment changes require two (2) business days notice.